Civil War

Wreck at Shipping Point

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Earlier this year, St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum Archaeologist and Maritime Historian Brendan Burke traveled to Virginia to assist in research on a Civil War shipwreck. The following is excerpted from his report on the wreck. Guns on the Potomac Washington D.C. was never far from action during the American Civil War. Almost immediately after war was declared in 1861, a struggle erupted between U.S. and Confederate forces to control strategic points throughout the [...]

Lighthouse History 1874 – 1894 (Part II)

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This third installment in our ongoing series on the history of the St. Augustine Lighthouse continues the story of lighthouse keeper William Harn and his wife, Kate.Click below to read previous installments of the series:Lighthouse History Pre-1874Lighthouse History 1874-1894 (Part I)Charleston, SC 1860… The presence of a (now) foreign army on their land was untenable for the newly independent South Carolina. Upon succession, US. Army Major Robert Anderson evacuated Fort Moultrie after sabotaging the military [...]