Your Membership Helps the Museum Fund the Following and So Much More!

  • Preserve the working 1874 Lighthouse Tower and the original Keepers’ House where Lighthouse Keepers and their families lived and worked from 1876 until 1955.
  • Host 240,000+ visitors annually as they tour exhibits and learn about maritime history within 6 historic buildings on our 7-acre site.
  • Engage visitors through the art of wooden boatbuilding, maritime archaeology and lighthouse history through interactive live demonstrations on-site.
  • Interact with 47,000+ school-aged children annually on field trips to explore the Museum grounds and learn about maritime history tied to state curriculum standards.
  • Educate over 100 school-aged campers each summer through a 5-week maritime history-themed Summer Camp Program.
  • Facilitate a 4-week accredited Maritime Archeology Field School for college undergraduate and graduate students to actively participate in maritime archaeological research.
  • Conserve over 21,000+ artifacts and digitized items ranging from large three-dimensional objects to photos and archives, including a research library.

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