Last year, the Museum purchased property as part of an organizational initiative to consolidate operations. The new property offers the Museum a permanent space to expand as well as a new home for our collection of documents and artifacts. The location also means that the building is safer from storms and hurricanes.  Since the end of 2022, the Collections and Conservation teams have been working diligently to pack up and move over 20,000 historical artifacts, archives and reference material. Our new location provides some room to grow our collections as well as space for artifacts that require additional climate control. We are very excited for this next chapter in the museum’s history!

You can help the Museum maintain our offsite collections by providing funds used to purchase archival materials and containers that help keep documents, textiles and photographs from further damage.  Make a gift today by clicking here.  

Below and Right: Empty shelves in the previous collections demonstrate the progress that staff has made in packing and moving items to our new location.