Visit the Museum during Nights of Lights for Tides, Tidings, and Trees. Daytime general admission tickets get you in the door to enjoy seasonally decorated grounds and buildings. As the sun goes down, purchase after-hours Lighthouse Illumination tickets for an extraordinary experience. Explore the Keepers’ house and grounds illuminated by lights and garlands, and enjoy a sensational view of the Lighthouse’s night mark.

Spots are filling up quickly, as there’s limited availability!



Discover 21 uniquely decorated trees, each with a distinct theme described below:

1. WELCOME TREE – Visitors’ Center Front Porch

A beautiful tree welcomes visitors to the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum. Decorated in black, white, and red to match the tower’s iconic candy-cane stripes with its red top. We set the stage for illuminations waiting inside.

2. SHELLS FROM THE SEA – Visitors’ Center

Seashells have always served as lasting reminders of fun-filled days at the beach. Adorned with a variety of local shells and seaside treasures. This tree combines the best of the season and a day at the beach.

3. KEEPSAKE ORNAMENTS – Lighthouse Gift Shop

Handpicked ornaments capture the spirit of the season at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum. All ornaments on this tree are available for purchase.

4. SHADOWS IN THE LIGHT – Visitors’ Center

The St. Augustine Lighthouse’s long history of things that go bump in the night is highlighted by the dangling decorations on this tree. Whether it’s the glow of a full moon or the shadowy darkness of the new moon, you’ll find it here.

5. OLD FLORIDA TREE – Breezeway

This evergreen evokes the nostalgia of Florida’s past. Iconic attractions, some long gone, join Santa at the beach to celebrate a Florida that once seemed “just perfect.”


During this special time of year, the glow from lighthouses along the coast seems especially bright. This tree pays tribute to America’s lighthouses and the welcoming light they provide.

7. TOWER EXPRESSIONS – Tower Rotunda

A magnificent evergreen stretches upward toward the tower’s beacon nearly 150-feet above. Sparkling decorations and lights create the perfect holiday atmosphere in a unique setting. Climb the spiral staircase for a unique look at this special tree from high above.

8. OUTHOUSE TREE – Keepers’ Privy, Behind the Tower

Even if you don’t have to go, you’ll want to visit the Privy. Serving lighthouse families for generations, the Privy receives a holiday tribute with this tree decorated with all the essentials, including corn cobs, newspapers, and happy reminders of days and nights gone by.

9. 1880’s VICTORIAN TREE – Keepers’ House Parlor

Return to the early days when the Keeper and his family gathered here in the parlor to celebrate the season. This magnificent tree is decorated with classic ornaments that summon the splendor of the Victorian Age.

10. SCARLETT VICTORIAN – Keepers’ House Porch.

Scarlet is steeped in history – fashion, decorating and even the uniforms of the British Empire adorned with red. This tree captures the splendor with historic vibrance.

11. REFLECTIONS – Wrecked! Exhibit

This tree captures the flash of silver and blue in the underwater world of the starfish. See the world through a different lens.

12. SUNSET & MOONRISE DREAMS – Wrecked! Exhibit

This tree captures that dreamlike time when the last gold of the day’s sun meets the midnight blue of the coming night. For the Lighthouse keeper, it was the time for the lens to be lit and its light to shine.

13. UNDER THE SEA – Wrecked! Exhibit

Just yards from our beach, there is an underwater world teeming with life. This tree features fish, octopuses, jellyfish – and maybe a few sharks – to bring this world indoors.

14. DIVING DEEP – Wrecked! Exhibit

The Museum’s dive team participates in the season with this tree, celebrating SCUBA diving and its role in exploring our underwater past.

15. SHRIMPIN’ AIN’T EASY – Keepers’ House

This tree provides a tribute to St. Augustine’s greatest gift to America – fresh shrimp! Once the center of the nation’s shrimp industry, the city helped make this tasty crustacean a popular addition to American cuisine.

16. TOYS OF THE PAST – Keepers’ House Porch

For children, gifts beneath the tree create lifelong memories of the past. This tree reflects those special moments with a variety of vintage toys and games.

17. NATURE AROUND US – Front Lawn

Outdoor Florida and the creatures that live there have always provided a vibrant background for the lighthouse. This beautiful evergreen gives local birds, bees, and squirrels their very own tree.

18. SWEET TREATS – Tin Pickle Door

You can’t enjoy the season without sugary treats! This little tree at our own Tin Pickle Café offers an irresistible reminder of seasonal goodies.

19. AMERICA THE GREAT – Coastal Lookout Building

The restored U.S. Coast Guard barracks is the perfect setting for celebrating the season in red-white-and-blue style. This tree is a reminder of the men and women who served here and how their world was brightened by a tree just like this one.

20. HIGH SEAS – Maritime Center Porch

The Lighthouse Tower provides a view to the distant horizon – but what is beyond? Whales, cruise ships, cargo ships, sailfish, submarines, sea monsters, long-distance birds like the albatross and frigate, Neptune – they’re all here. And…wait…is that an iceberg?

21. NAUTICAL ADVENTURES – Maritime Center

This impressive tree is the perfect way to display the generous donations made to the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum. Donated by our members and other individuals nationwide, these decorations show the generosity of our visitors.