Presentation Title: “Dog Island Shipwreck Survey, A Ten Year Perspective”
Venue:Lantern Fest 2010
Speaker: Chuck Meide, LAMP Director
When: Saturday, October 30, 2:00 to 10:00 pm (presentation 6:00-7:15 pm)
Where: Crooked River Lighthouse Park, Carrabelle, Florida
Suggested Donation, $2
Nighttime Tower Climb: $5

The Lantern Fest is a great event held by the Crooked River Lighthouse in Carabelle, Florida, on the beautiful Big Bend region of Florida’s Gulf Coast. This is the only time of the year that the public can climb the lighthouse at night. This year’s event will feature an enchanting blend of history, science, theater, music . . . and awe! All are welcome to join in the celebration of the 115th birthday of the Crooked River Lighthouse.
On the morning of the event LAMP staff will be deploying their side scan sonar in the waters surrounding Dog Island to generate imagery of some local wrecks and other submerged historical sites, including the ruins of the Dog Island Lighthouse (wrecked by hurricane in 1873). The evening discussion will include an overview of a Florida State University maritime archaeological survey initiated in 1999 by Chuck Meide, who directed the project in that year, and also showcase the images of these sites as they appear the very morning of Lantern Fest.
Other events include:
Crime and Heroism on the High Seas “Theatrical vignettes on the lawless waves of ancient days to the guarded seas of today”
Andrew Edell “A Keeper’s Memories”
Mark Russell Australian violinist, classical to show tunes to Jazz to Rock, 9-10 pm


Vendors selling handmade lanterns
Children’s historic craft making area
Keeper’s House Museum and Gift Shop
Night time tower climb ($5)
Food for purchase
For more info, please visit or call 850-697-2732