The campers collected a bag of trash at the beach making it a better habitat for all. They also got a chance to see what it was like to get caught in the “doldrums” on a very hot day with no
winds while out on the schooner.
See what they wrote about their adventures and tribulations:

Tune: I Know a Song That Gets on Everybody’s Nerves
(The Battle Hymn of the Republic)
The Sailors are hungry and very tired
Thinking about having the captain fired
Along came a great big wave
And knocked out Captain Dave
Sailing Toward the Horizon
Sailing Toward the Horizon
Sailing Toward the Horizon
But we haven’t got home yet
And now the tired and hungry crew is saved
But the tired crew still remained unpaid
They just want to rest out of the sun
Because their work is done
Tune: Dixie
Find the beach where you were born
Lay your eggs by an acorn
Turtle swim, turtle swim, turtle swim, turtle swim
Instincts help you on your way
You go by night instead of day
Find your way into the ocean
Into the waves and the commotion
Swim all the way around the earth
Back to the place of your birth
100 eggs inside the nest
Little turtles, we wish you the best
Tune: When Johnny Comes Marching Home
(The Ants Go Marching One by One)
We’re climbing the lighthouse ‘cause it’s fun
Climb up, climb down
It shines all day under the sun
Climb up, climb down
You can see the beach from the top
It’s really is a great big drop
Up and down without a stop
Climbing up and down.
You can see the boat in the river
Climb up, climb down
But the wind was so cold it made me shiver
Climb up, climb down
Climbing the tower is the greatest thing
And didn’t get a single wasp sting
We had such fun we needed to sing
Climbing up and down
Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
At the beach building a castle
I’m doing this here without a hassle
A shovel, a bucket, and a lot of sand
And no dead fish is in my plan
The crab tried to break my castle down
All the way into the ground
He did succeed and made me sad
He was very mean and bad
With a pincher he tried to grab
And I got mad about that crab
At the beach building a castle
I thought this would be without a hassle