The campers identified many coastal plants and animals at Salt Run and in the marine hammock. They enjoyed playing several games of ocean bingo and got a chance to help sustain our coastal environment by doing a beach clean up – they got 2 huge bags of trash! The kids did a particularly spirited and enthusiastic performance on Friday. And, somehow, they all became “Bob” for a day.
Their songs follow:

Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
He can pinch you on the skin
He doesn’t have a fin
He digs a hole and finds a worm
And then he climbs right in
The worm’s afraid it likes to squirm
Bob the sand crab likes to swim
Two minutes later he turned around
And found his old friend Jim
Bob, Bob down at the beach
He can pinch your skin
He doesn’t have a single fin
He likes to jump right in
Repeat last verse 2 x as a round.
Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Circular stripes around the tower
They tote up oil almost every hour
It stands tall all day and night
It’s light is very, very, bright
It brings the fishermen home to port
The lighthouse is the keeper’s fort
Reprise of last two lines:
Light up, light up all through the night
The lighthouse is a beautiful sight.
Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb
They have shells that are gray and round
Gray and round, gray and round
To get the creature out, you have to pound
Snap, snap went the clam
I caught a clam and I ate it
I ate it, I ate it
I ate up every little bit
Snap, snap went the clam
After I ate it I felt sea sick
Felt sea sick, felt sea sick
My stomach felt like it got bit by a tick
Snap, snap went the clam
After a while my stomach felt better
Stomach felt better, stomach felt better
And then I felt as light as a feather
Snap, snap went the clam
Tune: I Know a Song That Gets on Everybody’s Nerves (The Battle Hymn of the Republic)
Digging at the beach is surely fun
Just make sure that you don’t run
While I was walking I saw a crab
And a seagull made him mad
I was very sad when I saw a dead fish
When I spotted the fish I made a wish
I love dolphins when they jump and play
Then they turn and swim away
When I went swimming I saw a shark
And then I thought I saw Noah’s Ark!
Under a mangrove I ate a peach
What a wonderful day at the beach.
Chorus: Dig, dig, dig down in the sand
Dig, dig, dig now isn’t it grand
Dig, dig, dig with a shovel or my hand
Dig down in the sand