What: Blacksmithing demonstration with a traditional forge. Items to be made include boat fasteners (spikes, nails, etc.), chain, oyster knives, etc.
Where: St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum, by the LAMP Boatworks boatbuilding station
When: Thursday and Friday, November 13-14, 2008, 10 am – 4 pm
Who: Sam Turner, LAMP Director of Archaeology, and Brendan Burke, LAMP Archaeologist & Logistical Coordinator
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Blacksmiths fashioned a broad range of items from horseshoes to oyster knives; Thursday and Friday, November 13-14, the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum will put on a demonstration making objects used in boat building.
These boatbuilding supplies include items such as nails, bolts, rudder hardware, knees, and chain. “We will be making nails using traditional blacksmithing tools and technology that is approximately a century old,” said Dr. Sam Turner, Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP) Director of Archaeology.
To begin, the process of working metal requires a forge. In this case a table forge with a steel firebox in the middle, about eight inches by six inches and five inches deep. The forge fire is made using either charcoal or coal, and brought to a very high temperature by using a hand-cranked blower that ventilates it from beneath.
The material worked in a forge can be metal or glass, but for LAMP Boatworks iron or steel bar stock either round or square of varying dimensions. The iron is placed in the firebox and the blower cranked until the iron is a bright orange yellow in color. It is then removed form the fire placed on the anvil and beaten into the appropriate shape, it can also be bent or twisted in a vice.
Lighthouse & Museum guests paying regular admission can attend the demonstration between 10 am – 4 pm both Thursday and Friday. For more information about programs at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum visit www.staugustinelighthouse.com or call (904) 829-0745.