Many of you ask about Simon. I thought I would bring you up to date on his activities. For those of you who don’t know Simon, he lived here right behind the lighthouse tower but spent most of his days (and nights) on the premises. Guests would frequently stop to pet him and at times would report a “dead cat in the ferns” since he would sleep among the green plants on his back with his legs up in the air. One guest was very insistent that we had a dead cat on the property and that “It should be removed immediately!” I asked him to describe the critter and he gave me an exact description of Simon. Having reached the spot of the tragedy, I slowly reached down to stroke his belly. I was rewarded with a soft “mew” at which time he rolled over. The guest jumped back and started laughing his socks off. He later said it was the highlight of his vacation.
Simon Sleeps
Just take away the bed, put him among ferns, and you get the idea. This is how he spends most of his days. He likes to prowl at night.

Unfortunately, Simon took to sleeping under cars in the parking lot and even climbed in through the occaisional open sunroof. To prevent injury to or loss of our beloved lighthouse kitty, I aquired permission from his owners (once I figured out that he actually had owners) to adopt him. He is now residing at my home and recently recieved a clean bill of health from his visit to the vet.
Simon enjoying sunshine in the bathroom
Oh, in case you are confused, it was not until I found his owners that they informed me that his real name was “Simon.” When I started work at the lighthouse over six years ago I was informed that his name was “Momo” (with a long “O” ). Not sure where that name came from, but if you were wondering how “Momo” was doing, now you know. He responds much better to Simon.
Simon says hi!
What is it with lighthouses and cats anyway? They just seem to go hand-in-hand. If anyone can enlighten me on the subject I would love to know.