Last night as I was driving home with my wife and daughter, we passed the lighthouse during the rise of a full moon. It was spectacular! Our first order Fresnel lens was lit while the light from the moon behind sparkled through the windows of the lens room. I raced home (1 mile south of the tower) to get my camera and came back to snap a few shots. I have a brand new Nikon COOLPIX S50 and it just could not capture the image to do it justice. But one shot was interesting and so I tried to enhance it by changing the color hue, contrast, etc. It should at least give you the mood without the clarity. Looking at it with the naked eye you could see all of the detail of the lens and the surface of the moon. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve shots like this with a compact digital let me know, otherwise, if anyone wants to donate a Nikon D-80 to the lighthouse I can do much better next time. LOL.
Full moon at the St. Augustine Lighthouse