The boats have been washed down, gear sorted and the majority of the mayhem has subsided. It is very quiet now in the LAMP office. No longer are students coming in and out of the building in need of tasks or a quick break from the day’s heat. We have successfully come to the end of the two week field project and have had to say goodbye to the Flinders crew.

The work that was completed will not be forgotten though. The work carried out and recorded by the students and staff involved in the practicum will be influential for the further field work that will be conducted in the near future by LAMP staff, interns and volunteers.
You have not seen the last of magnetometer surveys on the beach, or more diving on the steamship wreck. We have barely brushed the surface on these sites (pun intended) and much more time and energy will be needed.
We would just like to thank all of the Lighthouse volunteers, staff and our supporters over the last two weeks. The donations of food, kindness, boating expertise and support have been appreciated. Hopefully our presence here from 6am to sometimes 10pm was well received, because we all had such great time.
This year was the first of the Flinders/ LAMP practicum’s, and with its success, I see many more to come.
Not all the Flinders students have left though. The LAMP team will be joined by four interns for the summer and beyond. Agnes Milowka (Flinders student) Karson Winslow (Flinders student), Deanna Sundling (University of Miami, Ohio grad) and Marissa King (South Hampton student) will be joining the LAMP squad temporarily. We will attempt to keep the blogs coming for your viewing pleasure; and also if something we post sparks your interest, please leave a comment and don’t hesitate to call or stop by if you are interested in volunteering!!