Friday, June 1, Sharon Ferguson, Office Manager, took these pictures of a mother raccoon and her four youngsters curled up in grape vines at the top of trees just behind (west of) the Lighthouse tower. Sharon took these pictures from the top of the tower. The grapevines make a soft hammock strong enough to hold the ready-to-wean pups and their mom.

We have had reports from visitors nearly every year about a raccoon sleeping away the day in this same spot, but have never been able to photograph her. Last year she had two pups or kits, and we suspect this has become one of her favorite daytime retreats. When the pups are very young the mother usually dens in a tree cavity. When the pups are able to follow her around at night, she will usually find several different daytime retreats spread out over her territory. We don’t see her every day in this location, so she obviously alternates sites. The family doesn’t seem to mind Lighthouse visitors peering in on their naptime.