17 March 2007
Lighthouse Festival
Fun for the whole family, the festival includes everything from pony rides to archaeological exhibits and a maritime archaeology lecture series.
St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, all day event
Lighthouse Festival Lecture Series
(all lectures will take place in the Salt Run Community Center/ St. Augustine Yacht Club, across from the Lighthouse on the water)

* 11am – Dr. Sam Turner, LAMP, “The Search for the Jefferson Davis.”
Dr. Turner will discuss the ongoing historical research and archaeological survey to discover the remains of the ex-slave ship which became the most successful privateer of the Civil War, which wrecked after its first and only cruise on the breakers off St. Augustine on August 17, 1861.
* 1pm – Dr. David Switzer, Plymouth State University, “The Clipper Ship Snow Squall: Bringing Home the Last of Her Breed.”
Internationally recognized expert on nautical archaeology, Dr. Switzer will be discussing recovery and conservation of the only American clipper ship remaining in the world. During three expeditions to the Faulkland Islands between 1984 and 1987, the entire bow of this shipwrecked vessel was recovered and is now on display at the Main Maritime Museum.
* 3pm – Mr. Chuck Meide, LAMP, “LAMP and the First Coast Maritime Archaeology Project.”
Chuck is currently the director of LAMP, and will overview the history of maritime archaeology in St. Augustine and its future direction with the First Coast Maritime Archaeology Project, a broad-based program of archaeological research and educational outreach that will be funded through a state historic preservation grant starting in July 2007.