This morning a few of us went to Switzerland Point Middle School to help judge entries for the first annual History Fair. We were blown away by the number of first-rate entries and had a delightful time interviewing the participants. We have a good supply of bright, creative middle-schoolers in our county and some very talented teachers to guide them. That’s good to know.

The theme was “Triumph and Tragedy in History” and topics covered a surprisingly wide range. Many entrants showed an astonishing grasp of their subject matter and a great deal of enthusiasm. Congratulations to the candidates who will go on to compete at the State level and the same to those who nearly made the cut. I hope the students who entered but did not advance will use what they learned this year to come up with an even better project next time.
We can’t wait to see what next year’s Fair will bring, especially if plans to expand to more schools bring this valuable experience to more students. Bravo to Ted Banson and all who are helping him give History an important place in our children’s lives.