Those of us fortunate enough to spend time at the top of the tower are used to answering certain questions on a regular basis:
“Why are you so far from the water?”
(See our website, for the answer)
Is the place really haunted?
(If you think it is, then it is. If you think not, then it isn’t…we have no proof either way).
The one that always gets me, though, is: “Do they make you stay up here all day?!?!?.

It’s true, ladies and gentlemen, the shift is 2-1/2 hours long and I’m forced to spend the time gazing out to sea, taking in the view of St. Augustine, watching birds and chatting with visitors from all over the world. It’s sheer torture.
I get excellent cardio, weight-bearing and calorie-burning exercise without the expense of a gym membership and enjoy a spectacular view once I reach the top.
We have health-conscious members who’ve joined just to climb the tower (the best and prettiest stairmaster in town) and volunteers who come in to clean, sweep and polish the steps and railings as part of their fitness routine. Sounds pretty smart to me.
Soon nearly two-dozen species of birds, including heron, egret, spoonbill and stork will begin building nests and raising chicks in the rookery at the Alligator Farm, just across the street. Since our tower has the best view of that miracle of Nature I suppose I’ll be forced to train my binoculars that way, as well.
It’s a tough job but I think I can handle it.