I am with our Senior Team, Board and some Community Stakeholders working on an interpretive plan for the museum. It’s an important, long process. This has me thinking about “meaning” in museums and our enjoyment of them.
What is your favorite museum/lighthouse to visit? Why? What makes that site special to you personally? What moved you about it.
I am fond of “environments” that emmerse me in the site and experience and that are deeply humanist “about real people and how they lived.” I visted the Chinese house at the PEM a year or two ago and was blown away. It was so good I visited again on -line and loved that too.
What lighthouses are there that do this? My favorites for this are those little pepper-pots in Nova Scotia that are just out on a cliff. I also like Cape Lookout, NC, where you take a boat out and jump out and wade ashore. Very cool. Very Remote.