I take pictures. I am far from a professional photographer, but it is part of my job. Cool, right? Yeah, of course; however, when you are responsible for taking pictures at events, workshops, and camps that will represent your organization, there is a little pressure that goes along with that.
For Instance, the difference between a good picture and just any old shot could make the difference in someone reading a story, flyer, or whatever the use, and passing it by or turning the page. Not only can a good picture make the difference in someone stopping and paying attention, it can help someone to connect to the story and, in our case, connect to our cause. Photos are more than just a little important, they are another way to grab your attention and make you notice the things that are happening here. Take a picture of a kid being handed an award and you have a visual aid for a story. Take a picture of the same kid hugging his mom with a huge smile on both their faces as he holds his award and everyone cheers, and you have a picture that will make someone stop flipping through the pages and read why.
So do I like taking pictures? I love it. Do I like the challenge of taking photos that can explain, without words, the importance of what is happening here? Absolutely. I am just saying, I am far from a professional photographer. It’s a great responsibility, so I am willing to hear any tips you guys may have.
Here are a few scenic shots, what do you think?
On top of St. Augustine

Light at Night Linking American History Land and Sea