The WFU football team had a great year. Turns out I love football. My husband has me watching and playing fantasy football and I love it. I’m competitive, so it’s fun to win and I hate to loose.
So, when our College team was in the Orange Bowl we celebrated. It is an academic school without a huge football program. We have a song by Steely Dan, about loosing, “Deacon Blues.” We only have about 5K students enrolled at any one time and there are only 30 – 50 thousand living alumni (I heard both numbers.) So when we made the Orange Bowl we went. It was lots of fun.
We lost. But you know what….we saw lots of old friends. It is funny to see how the tough guys had turned into nerds about their children. I find this heartwarming and comforting in many ways. We lost, but we all won too because we found each other again if just for a little while. It was fun to realize that so much of what we live for is camaraderie with one another. Good feelings. Team work is a remarkable thing.
Team work will save lighthouses too…OK so this is a lighthouse blog, it can’t all be about football.