Keepers’ House

Ghost Tour Experience: ‘Each floor held new secrets about the history of the Keepers’ House.’

2018-11-08T09:29:04-05:00November 8th, 2018|

The St. Augustine Lighthouse shown on October 31, 2018 during a Dark of the Moon Ghost Tour. Photo by Jayda Barnes By Jayda Barnes, Flagler College student The first thing I noticed about the Dark of the Moon Tour was that it was, indeed, very dark. The chill in the air may have been due to the setting sun or the spookiness of Halloween night. The Museum grounds, usually bright with sunlight, faded into the [...]

Lighthouse Technology: What’s a Cistern?

2016-02-17T08:00:03-05:00February 17th, 2016|

This next installment in our series on lighthouse technology focuses on the cistern the lighthouse keepers used to collect rain and provide water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. Click the link below to read previous post in the series: Fresnel Lens Clockwork Mechanism Illuminants Keeping a lighthouse operational required technology we rarely use today: oil lanterns, clockwork mechanisms, and more. Living at a lighthouse, often isolated from towns and lacking indoor plumbing or electricity, lighthouse [...]