Earlier this month, Rick Cain, the Director of Museum Services of the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum, announced his retirement after over 21 years of service. Rick joined the Museum in 2001 as the Visitor Services Coordinator and Safety Officer. Prior to working at the Museum, Rick worked as a Registered Nurse, training and skills that served him well as the Museum’s Safety Officer. In 2016, Rick was promoted to Director of Museum Services overseeing the preservation of the Museum’s historic structures including the 1874 Lighthouse tower. Part of Rick’s position includes training and working with the United States Coast Guard to ensure the Fresnel lens remains operational. He also manages the maintenance team keeping the Museum’s site accessible and ready for visitors each day. During the pandemic, Rick worked closely with the Executive Director to write safety protocols and procedures to allow the Museum to reopen to the public. The Museum staff wish to thank Rick for his many years of service and congratulate him on his retirement.