LAMP director Chuck Meide cataloging dig site
Even after more than 140 years, the St. Augustine Lighthouse still has buried secrets that are just now being uncovered.

Archaeologists on the lighthouse grounds recently discovered large iron slates buried just a few feet from the base of the tower. The slates were buried one on top of another in an orderly fashion and are believed to be possible sections of the lighthouse’s observation deck that were replaced many years ago.
Uncovered Iron Slate
According to Chuck Meide, director of the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program, it is very possible that replaced sections of the lighthouse would have been buried on the grounds as a means of disposal. This would have been the easiest way to discard the heavy iron and was also a common practice of the period.
Chuck Meide and volunteer Bill Sarto cataloging the dig
What was yesterday’s trash is today’s treasure as the iron slates represent some the lighthouse’s earlier history and is a testament to how the tower has stood the test of time.