Yesterday morning a brand new vessel slipped into the waters of Salt Run, a Chaisson dory tender built by the LAMP Boatworks. The hull is the ninth project from the Boatworks and is a style of hull that dates to the early 20th century in Swampscott, Massachusetts from the shop of George Chaisson. These popular and stylish 10′ tenders were designed as auxiliary boats for larger sailboats or yachts. Their timeless beauty has preserved the hull type and this boat is the second Chaisson built here at the LAMP Boatworks. She has been built as the 2012 LAMP Boatworks drawing boat. Tickets for the boat are available here in the museum gift shop and are $5 each or a bargain deal of 5 for $20. The drawing will take place on December 5th, 2012 at our Luminary Night event. You stand a 1 in a 1000 chance of winning a beautiful little boat worth thousands, so get your chance now and we wish you luck!
Click here to see more pictures LMP0009, the Chaisson Dory Tender!

The Chaisson last week, right after her final fitting and painting!

Stoney fitting her with ‘safety’ gear before the sea trial.

She’s off! And right through the closest patch of weeds!

Free of land, the Chaisson ventures forth…

LAMP’s Sam Turner takes the oars and goes for a spin.