Volunteer archaeologist Brian McNamara and intern Julie Powell cleaning copper-alloy artifacts that have recently completed electrolysis at the LAMP Archaeological Conservation Laboratory.
Just a quick blog post to let folks know out there that conservation activities are progressing in the LAMP laboratory! We have recently had some iron artifacts, recovered by archaeologists from a colonial site in New Smyrnia, finish electrolysis treatment and final coating, and we have also had a batch of copper-alloy artifacts, from a variety of shipwreck sites, finish their electrolytic treatment. Our volunteers and interns are now physically and chemically cleaning these objects by soaking in vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, and by scrubbing with baking soda. They will eventually be coated with a special finish to help prevent future corrosion. Most of these artifacts are spikes and other ship fasteners from the Steamship and Ballast Pile Wreck Site recovered in 2009, along with a brass belt or strap buckle recovered in 2010 from the late 1700s Storm Wreck.
Stay tuned for more updates! We are gearing up for our Field School and subsequent field season and are planning on lots of blog updates!
Julie cleans a brass belt or strap buckle recovered from the Storm Wreck, which was lost off St. Augustine sometime shortly after 1780.