What: Lecture, “An Underwater Archaeologist’s Adventures in Lifelong Learning”
Who: Chuck Meide
Venue: The 23rd International Conference on College Teaching and Learning
Where: Sawgrass Mariott, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
LAMP’s Director Chuck Meide was invited as a Featured Speaker at the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, whose theme this year is “Lifelong Learning.”

Raised by public educators, as a child Chuck Meide was always encouraged to follow his passion, and that has lead to a unique and rewarding career in the field of maritime archaeology. The discovery and archaeological excavation of historic shipwreck sites has both changecd the discipline of maritime archaeology and also captured the public imagination. Shipwrecks are a unique kind of archaeological site, about as close as an archaeologist can get to a time capsule without working at Pompeii. Because of the general public interest in shipwrecks, underwater archaeologists regularly have opportunities to work with volunteers, college students, and school children, both in the field and through educational programs and partnerships. In this presentation, an underwater archaeologist’s perspectives on lifelong learning are shared through the discussion of research and educational programs carried out in conjunction with the study of historic shipwrecks. A variety of shipwreck excavations around the world will be addressed, including an unidentified colonial shipwreck recently discovered off the coast of St. Augustine, just to the south of the 2012 Conference in Ponte Vedra Beach.