As people who live on the water for a chunk of the year, LAMP and the Lighthouse Staff spend a lot of time listening to “The Voice of the NOAA Weather Radio”. This monodigital robotic drone accompanies many of my pre-dawn ministrations on the banks of Salt Run to get each day started during our field season. Similarly, while at sea we often catch an update to listen for encroaching storm fronts. I have listened with baited breath in the middle of the night to the scratchy voice piped in over 162.400mHz as seas increased or the weather seemed to grow filthy. Anchors get pulled, dock lines doubled, and hatches battened-down as a result of this electronic voice. For once, presented to you here, we can enjoy the mellifluous intonation of our government’s weather apparatus sing us a holiday carol ‘Deck the Halls’. Enjoy!! CLICK HERE FOR NOAA’S CHRISTMAS CAROL