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Good morning friends,
I hope your weekend was a good one, finally one without a blowing noreaster! Plenty of people on the water enjoying it too, quite a flock of boats in and out of the inlet and on Salt Run. Maury Keiser had his IMPULSE out in the SAYC Commodore’s Cup on Sunday and a few of us joined him. After a slow start, we raced well. Curt Bowman was awarded a battlefield promotion and is now the tactical helmsman on Team IMPULSE. You should have seen him round the mark on the second leg of the race. After a harrowing 20 minute run in light airs, he pulled it off and we stepped ahead of Password, a 41’ yawl. Beautiful seas but wimpy breeze. I included a little video link here if you care to see the race ‘highlights’. If you want to know where we placed, please send your query, written on the back of a crisp $20 bill, to me so we can buy a copy of “Competitive Racing for Dummies” and learn how to run with the big boys!
Team IMPULSE in the Commodore’s Cup
A friend of mine, and of LAMP, down in Cocoa has a Banana River rowing skiff that he wants to know if we’d like to have. I am awaiting pictures of the boat and he says its in pretty rough shape but is an old warhorse from down there and might be good for the Boatworks since its an older Florida boat. Will send along what I get when it comes.
Don’t forget that this Friday night is the cannon unveiling event. It opens at 6:00pm and the event itself will commence at 7:00pm. There is a $20 suggested donation at the door. We will be working with the cannons out of their vats throughout the day on Friday so if you haven’t had a chance to see them in their de-encrusted state come on by or join us that evening.
Dr. Jim and crew have been plowing steadily along on the yawl boat and, after some minor disagreements with a piece of cypress, have made steady progress on her planking. I think the outcome of last week’s work was “Why butt your head when you can butt a plank?” Tell me if I’m wrong…
Chaisson work is also moving rapidly ahead and I think she might displace water now with the first three strakes on each side. Keep it up guys!
Speaking of Curt, our own Curt Bowman is speaking this Wednesday in the Anastasia Gallery here at the museum. I have included his bio and abstract below. This is the first in our Occasional Series for the LAMP Boatworks TSCA chapter. The talk begins at 7:00pm. Hope you can make it and bring your friends!
St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum TSCA Chapter Presents:
Cruising in Traditional Small Craft
An environmentally conscious, self-sufficient, and romantic take on boating… that often leads to simple adventures and personal fulfillment. A look into travel opportunities around and beyond the First Coast.
Presenter: Mr. Curt Bowman
Curt Bowman is a museum consultant and the Creative Director of Hughes Bowman Design Group, a museum exhibit planning, design and production company based here in St. Augustine.
He has worked in the field for 33 years as a museum professional with positions at the Smithsonian Institute, the National Archives, Calvert Marine Museum on the Chesapeake and the North Carolina Aquarium. His work has been exhibited at Mystic Seaport, the Maryland Hall of Records, the South Africa Museum in Capetown and traveling venues around the world.
For the past 15 years his multi-award winning firm has developed exhibits throughout Florida including the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and he has consulted across the Eastern US. Curt single-handed to St. Augustine in 1979-80 and has enjoyed restoring and sailing traditional craft ever since. His current boat, Annie, is a wooden Drascombe Coaster built in southern Maine.
See you there guys!
As always,