On June 28, 2011, a date which we at LAMP will remember for a long time, we successfully raised two cannons from the Storm Wreck. These two guns, along with at least four others, had laid silent on this shipwreck since the Revolutionary War. Raising two was an ambitious goal, one that had motivated us for the duration of the field school for the entire month of June.
Needless to say, bringing up two cannons brought a lot of media attention. The story was picked up and reported by CNN and also NBC broadcast stations across the country, not to mention the local and regional media. Below are some links to these stories.
Click here to see a link to the news videos from CNN and two Jacksonville stations, First Coast News and Fox News.
Click here to see the story and video by Jacksonville’s paper, the Florida Times-Union.
Click here to see the story and two videos by Jacksonville’s First Coast News.
Click here to read the story in the St. Augustine Record.