Today is the 115th anniversary of the discovery of X-rays. It is only appropriate, therefore, that we share LAMP’s most recent discoveries, which were made using the latest X-ray technology and the help of Flagler Hospital‘s Imaging Center. On October 25, LAMP archaeologists brought around 25 concretions recovered from the “Storm Wreck,” a recently discovered 18th century shipwreck off St. Augustine. Hospital staff used a CAT scan to produce 3-D images of the objects hidden inside these iron concretions. The short video above shows two of the more exciting artifacts. First is the smallest of four cauldrons we have encountered on the wreck site. At 14 seconds into the video, the layer of encrustation covering the cauldron is stripped away by the imaging software, and you can make out details previously hidden, such as the shape of the handles on the rim, and the casting seams on the body. The next artifact is a 3-D image of a small flintlock pistol discovered in another concretion. This colonial firearm is small enough to conceal in a coat pocket, and would have been the last line of defense for a gentleman merchant or officer on board.
Stay tuned for more exciting historical discoveries!