Welcome to the LAMP Boatworks Hull Inventory. This is an ongoing listing by Hull Number of all small craft constructed by LAMP Boatworks at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum.

Hull Number — Description

Bevin’s Skiff, traditional skiff design provided as a kit by Alexandria Seaport Foundation. Length: 11′ 8″, width: 4′ 6″, max. capacity: 460 lbs. Includes daggerboard, mast and rig, and oars. Completed March 2008.
LMP0002 Barca Chata (“flat boat”). Traditional colonial flat boat design, barca chatas were known to have been used in St. Augustine from the earliest Spanish period, and flats of similar design were used through the nineteenth century. Length: 14’, width: 2’ 9”. Completed April 2008.
LMP0003 Chaisson Dory Tender. Traditional New England round-bottomed design known for its handling characteristics, carrying capacity, and ease of towing. Includes oars. Length: 10′, max. capacity: 450 lbs. Completed December 2008. Offered as prize in March 20, 2010 drawing.
LMP0004 Barca chata. Completed December 2009.
LMP0005 Barca chata. To be assembled at SHA Public Archaeology Day, Kingsley Plantation, January 9, 2010.

Cross-planked Semi-Dory. Under construction. Property of Maurey Keiser.
LMP0007 British yawl, ca. 1760. Length: 14′. Keel, sternpost, stem, and deadwood fashioned from St. Augustine-grown live oak. Under construction.