The campers found a whole host of critters on the beach included something very rare – a whelk without a shell! They also enjoyed Michael D. Adams doing a portrayal of botanist William Bartram. The final performance was quite spectacular as this group was really enthusiastic and interested in augmenting the songs with dance and movement.
Try to imagine the choreography to the following songs that they wrote:

Tune: I Know a Song That Gets on Everybody’s Nerves
(The Battle Hymn of the Republic)
There was a boy whose name was Brock
Who looked for crabs under a rock
Instead of crabs he found a whelk
He made a soup and added some milk
What in the world is a whelk anyway
We saw one at the beach the other day
It moved along on its merry way
What in the world is a whelk
He added pepper and onion and salt
He threw in the whelk along with some malt
He added some carrots and chicken and steak
“What a great soup this will make!”
But the whelk crawled out and the soup was stale
Then Brock’s face turned ghostly pale
Now Brock recovered and the whelk as well
But it roams around looking for its shell
Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
They live on the beach in shallow sands
They live across many lands
They scurry up and down the beach
Trying to get food out of reach
Fighting for food they might lose a claw
It’s the saddest thing you ever saw
They scuttle down into their holes
To not get trampled by shoe soles
Out of their holes and into the pot
The water they go in is really hot
When they’re cooked they’re really yummy
That’s why they end up in my tummy
Crabs always pinch your hands
Watch out for them in shallow sands
Tune: Dixie
We find shells upon the beach
When I pick them up I have to reach
Chorus: Shells are hard, always hard, very hard, mostly hard
We always see a creature at the beach
The color of the shell was like a peach
My dog saw a shell and he broke his collar
I heard my neighbor start to holler
I ran over and yanked him back
I was so sorry that I made him hack
I gave him a jumbo busy bone
And then I took him right back home
Then I had a short little nap
And then my dog sat on my lap