Campers experienced what it may have been like to arrive at the St. Augustine shore and look for food in order to survive. They learned about how people from difference cultures interacted with the coastal environment. They made butter and tried hard tack. They also drank swanky (a mixture of molasses ginger vinegar water used by sailors). Here are their songs:

Tune: London Bridges Falling Down
Starfish have five arms that sigh
Arms the sigh, arms the sigh
A fish in the air jumps very high
Swim, swim, swim little fish
We can see dolphins at the beach
At the beach, at the beach
A dolphin is as sweet as a peach
Swim, swim, swim little fish
A hammerhead shark can pound a nail
Pound a nail, pound a nail
There’s a boat over there that has a sail
Swim, swim, swim little fish
On the lighthouse we an see the islands
See the islands, see the islands
It feels like you are in the highlands
Swim, swim, swim little fish
A shark is very, very violent
Very violent, very violent
A fiddler crab is very silent
Swim, swim, swim little fish
Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Turtles swim from deadly sharks
A dolphin very seldom barks
Fiddler crabs like to run around
They run on you hand and on the ground
White and red and blue and black
That’s the way sailors travel back
The lighthouse shows us where and how
And the animals live in the ocean now
Tune: I Know a Song that Gets on Everybody’s Nerves
(Battle Hymn of the Republic)
Fish jumped high by the sandy shore
Birds pecked at an apple core
The crab tried to crawl back into its hole
But the hammerhead swallowed it whole
We learned something everywhere
Over here and over there
In the water, land and in the air
We learned something everywhere
Clams opened up and then closed shut
We saw a fish get cut
Boats were tied up at their dock
And some sailors start to talk
Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
The lighthouse is so very tall
Be careful you don’t fall
Shine your light everywhere
So we don’t have a care
There are two hundred nineteen stairs
I hope there are no bears
The colors are red and black and white
And the staircases are tight
From the top the trees were small
And we saw the people crawl
As we went down without a frown
We started to act like clowns