Good news from Tallahassee. This week the state legislature passed the lighthouse license plate bill. It just needs to be signed by Governor Crist and we will all be sporting this new plate on our vehicles. An outstanding job by the volunteers of the Florida Lighthouse Association, and remember, all of the money from its sale goes to lighthouse preservation here in the state.
New Florida Lighthouse license plate
Oddly enough, an employee of ours came running in today and told me that there was a car in the parking lot with the Florida lighthouse plate on it. I said, “That’s impossible. It hasen’t been signed into being yet.” But, sure enough, we went out to the parking lot and saw this plate on the back of a Volvo.
The plate belongs to a group in central Florida running a school for the blind and visually impared, “Lighthouse Central Florida; Vision Rehabilitation Services,” hence the name of the plate, “State of Vision.” That’s a good thing since lighthouses have always been about keeping folks safe, even though our plate is way nicer than theirs…. but you didn’t hear that from me. ūüôā
Light at Night
Florida lighthouses rule!