The Lighthouse would love to have you as a member of our Founding Lights Family. You can make a difference.
It takes a great many of us working together to keep the Light Station strong. It takes all our support to keep the lighthouse preserve and programs going.
Today, we are about $25,000 short of having $350,000 dollars in our small, but growing endowment fund. Why is $350,000 the magic number? Well, when we hit $350,000, then we can apply for another $250,000 from the State of Florida. And that will help us a great deal. It makes us more secure, more stable in a world where changes happen and surprises hit us with new things to repair. It makes us more able to continue wonderful community services like those so many enjoy.
Our Founding Lights Campaign helps preserve and keep alive our story for generations. Fifty percent of every Founding Lights pledge becomes part of the endowment. This money is not ever spent, but and stablity and generates interest that supports programs and our restoration efforts. The remaining funds are put to good use right away.
Won’t you help protect the lighthouse? Won’t you help save our maritime heritage?
Please join us as a Founding Light!

The Levels
Founding Lights: $1,000 per year for five years – Leadership level
Legacy Circle: $500 per year for five years – Recognition in a special annual ceremony here and up.
Heritage Club: $250 per year for five years
Guardians: $100 per year for five years

Find a Pledge Form at this link:
Or call us here at the Lighthouse 904 829-0745.
Kathy Fleming
Executive Director