I know that one is already taken, but that’s what it feels like. Right now I’m in… Palm Beach? Vero Beach? No that was last night. Ft. Lauderdale’s tomorrow, Boca Raton! I’m in Boca Raton — Absolutely — and we’re just making sure that people down in the southern hemisphere of Florida remember where the oldest port in the nation is. Its a good thing I did too, most of the people that we’ve spoken too haven’t been to St. Augustine in a few years. Sounds like it’s time for another trip and what’s a trip to St. Augustine without coming to the Lighthouse. “What’s an incomplete trip; I’ll take blogs that sound like advertisements for a 1,000 Alex.”
OK, OK, so I’m still in a little bit of a salesman mode, but its easy to be a seller when your a believer. You want a vacation to the beach, we got beach. How about upscale and elegant? These are principals developed by Henry Flagler and continued today by the Casa Monica, Castillo Real, and the World Golf Village — come on this is easy. There is Guana Tolomato Matanzas Na… the GTMNERR and Anastasia State Park if your interested in eco-traveling, and for the heritage traveler St. Augustine is a must see U.S. destination. We’ve got it all baby, so come on down or up, as the case may be, and check us out.
This advertisement was paid for and endorsed by the City of St. Augustine and the St. Augustine Lig… I had you going too.