Last week our quarterly maintenance was due on the rotation mechanism. Every three months we put jacks under the flash panels, pull the friction rollers, inspect everything, and put it all back together again. What made this session more fun was that it was the first time that we had guest keepers here and they got to get their hands dirty and do some real lighthouse keeping. Corey and Angela were not at all shy. They jumped right in, got greasy, and seemed to enjoy the experience, particularly when we had everything reassembled and they saw how smoothly the mechanism turned.
Angela prepares to replace a chariot wheel
Cory gets up close and personal with our lighthouse
Ah, the rewards of being a lighthouse keeper. A job well done!
We hope you guys come back real soon because you do good work and I have a lot of painting that needs to be done and we need to clean windows and we need to remove some rust from the ironwork and I need …….. 🙂