What: Archaeology of St. Augustine and Northeast Florida, Short Course offered through the First Coast Technical Institute
When: 21 February – 24 March 2007
Price: $79
This course is sponsored by the St. Augustine Archaeological Association, LAMP, the Florida Public Archaeology Network, and the City of St. Augustine. It consists of four lectures on successive Wednesday nights, plus two days of field work with archaeologists, and is geared towards members of the public interested in learning more about archaeology, especially if they are interested in volunteering to dig on archaeological sites. One of the four lectures is on underwater archaeology and will be presented by LAMP staff. The cost for this course is $79 and those interested in enrolling should call 904-241-0034 for more information.
LAMP Lecture:
7 March 2007
Lecture “Underwater Site Types”
Speaker: Chuck Meide, LAMP Director
An overview of the methodology used and the types of sites encountered by underwater archaeologists. One of four lectures offered through the First Coast Technical Institute (see course description above). The lecture open only to those enrolled in the class.