Hello world… or more likely, Hello Mom and Dad this is my blog. My name is Beau Yukio Phillips, I am 27, a University of Alabama Grad, an Air Force Brat, and somehow my first job, in my chosen career field, wound up being at a lighthouse. What are the odds?
Some of you may be thinking, “what would a PR guy do at a lighthouse?” Good question, it’s the one I asked when I read the ad in the newspaper. I called anyway and here I am. More than a year after I started, I have found that the PR guy at the Lighthouse has plenty to do.
For those who do not know what a public relations practitioner does, it can be many things. Bottom line, my job is to communicate our message to the public. The message of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum is one of education, preservation, and discovery. I will not allow this to turn into an issues ad, so I won’t expound on all the good things I think we do here. However, if you want to hear about those things you can read about them on our webpage(shameless plug).
Instead, at least at this point, I would like this blog to be about the day-to-day things a PR guy gets to do here at this lighthouse and museum. You may here about events like Luminary Night, or trips out on the research vessel with our marine archaeologists, a busy day in the office, or a mistake that I am almost sure to make.
So welcome to my barely legible ramblings, I hope they may provide a window into what it is like to work in public relations at this lighthouse. If not, I hope they will at least make you laugh.
Is there anything you are particularly interested in hearing about?