How to Join LAMP’s Scientific Diving Team

Divers wishing to join LAMP's scientific diving team as volunteers must meet a series of particular requirements, such as basic swim and scuba test and successful medical exam, and undergo additional diving and archeological training taught by LAMP staff. A diver must first meet the requirements as a Scientific Diver-in-Training, which qualifies him or her to dive on research dives when accompanied by an Active LAMP scientific diver. After 12 science dives and 100 hours of further training, a dedicated dive volunteer may be certified as an Active Scientific Diver in his or her own right. These standards are designed primarily with safety in mind, as research dives in northeast Florida often entail task-loading and adverse conditions. For example, an archaeologist might be charged with laying out a transect and taking measurements from positioned datum points, involving the use of a hammer, rebar stakes, a compass, tape measure, and clipboard all in low visibility and strong currents. While it takes skill and experience to safely and efficiently gather data underwater, this comes with training and practice and the challenges are worth the effort.

We invite you to join us as we dive into history! Certified divers wishing to volunteer for LAMP's Scientific Diving Program should first download and familiarize themselves with their required forms and questionnaires which appear below. The first download, "Introduction to LAMP's Scientific Diving Program, provides a brief overview of maritime archaeology and science diving, and also outlines the specific requirements you will need to meet in order to dive on LAMP research projects as a Diver-in-Training or eventually an Active Scientific Diver. The other forms are required personal and medical questionnaires and a liability waiver. Once you have downloaded, carefully read, and completed these forms, then you should contact the Volunteer Coordinator by email or calling 904-829-0745. Applicants will be interviewed by LAMP archaeologists and those still interested will have a rare opportunity to participate in a unique training program and work side by side with underwater archaeologists. Please note, the required diving medical exam may entail some expense on your part, so you may wish to put it off until you have been formally accepted into our Scientific Diving Program.

DOWNLOAD Introduction to LAMP's Scientific Diver Program in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format  
DOWNLOAD LAMP Diver Questionnaire
DOWNLOAD LAMP Medical History Questionnaire
DOWNLOAD Medical Exam Overview/Evaluation of Fitness (form must be provided to your doctor at the required medical exam) 
DOWNLOAD Statement of Voluntary Consent and a Waiver of Liability
DOWNLOAD Download the entire LAMP Scientific Diver Packet (all of these forms as one .pdf document ready for printing)  
APPLY HERE Visit this link to fill out the Volunteer Application Form (not included in the Diver Packet above) online. For more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 904-829-0745.


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