St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum Exhibits

The Smithsonian Affiliate St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum shares maritime stories beginning with Ponce de Leon's first sighting of Florida in 1513 to the worldwide shrimping industry with that started in northeast Florida in the early 20th century. Visit to learn about the region's rich maritime heritage through our Nation's Oldest Portsm exhibits while the 140-foot view from the top of the Lighthouse gives you a wide angle on today!

Self-guided Exhibits

Keepers' Office

See lighthouse keepers' tools of the trade and how they did their job on a daily basis in the Keepers' Office at the base of the Lighthouse tower.

St. Augustine Light Station Tour 

Stroll around the grounds of the St. Augustine Light Station with your visitor's guide to discover more stories of the Light Station and how the historic site has changed over time.

Legends of the Light

Experience stories about lighthouses, 1737 to 1955, including a "View from the Top" for those unable to climb, a puppet theater and hands-on activities for kids and a ship model display.

PGA Artifact Conservation Lab Viewing Hallway

Watch professionally trained conservators working in a fully equipped lab to preserve artifacts from shipwrecks and other buried sites.

At Home with the Harns in a Post Civil War Household

Click the link above  to learn more about this exhibit that shares the life and times of the first lighthouse keeper's family to live in the keepers' house.

WRECKED!: The Story of a Revolutionary War Shipwreck in St. Augustine 

Click the link above to explore this exciting story of loss and discovery.

Northeast Florida Shrimping: Foundation of a Global Enterprise

Find out about the modern global shrimping industry that has its roots right here in the Nation's Oldest Port. Hear stories from the enterprising families and people that made St. Augustine the shrimping capital of the world in the mid-20th century.

Heritage Boatworks

See small wooden craft built by the Museum's volunteer boat builders and learn how they build these boats using historic documents, tools and materials. 

Maritime Hammock Nature Trails

Discover Anastasia Island's natural side on our trails and experience what it would be like if people hadn't altered the environment.

Eliza and Cracker's Club Featuring:

Science of Light Discovery Spot - A fun walk-in kaleidoscope and fun mirrors demonstrate the properties of light. 

Sailing Shipyard Play Area - Be captain of your own vessel as you sail the high seas!

Pulleys & Knot tying - Be a 19th-century sailor and try your hand on knot tying and using pulleys to lift heavy objects.

Temporary Exhibits

U.S. Coast Guard Art

Housed in the early 1940s U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Lookout Dwelling, this exhibition displays USCG veterans' paintings of their time of service.

Upcoming Exhibits

Guardians of the First Coast: WWII and the St. Augustine Light Station

This exhibit coming Summer 2020 will explore and share stories of the coastal response to WWII in the northeast Florida region.

Online and Virtual Exhibits

World War II United States Coast Guard

View historic photos of St. Augustine when it was a US Coast Guard station during World War II (1941 - 1945).

Anastasia Island Historic Photographs

View historic photographs on Anastasia Island from the late-19th through the late-20th centuries.


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