Lost Ships Archaeology Tour

Uncover shipwreck secrets with a lighthouse archaeologist

Ever wonder how archaeologists use artifacts to uncover the story of an ancient shipwreck? This exclusive guided tour with one of our lighthouse archaeologists will answer all of your questions with a front row seat to historical discoveries.

Hear the dramatic stories of these sunken wrecks and lost dreams from the archaeologists and researchers who bring their secrets to life. You'll also gain access into parts of the historic light station not available with general admission, including our maritime archaeology laboratory facilities. There, you will see artifacts that were not touched by human hands for centuries. Now the artifacts are in various stages of the tedious cleaning and stabilization procedures undertaken by our laboratory conservators in order to save them for history.

The tour also includes a multi-media presentation of the underwater archaeological investigation of Lost Ships off the coast of St. Augustine. 

Climb the tower after your tour!

After the tour, you'll have the opportunity to see our museum exhibits in the historic keepers house and climb the lighthouse and enjoy the view from 140 feet above ground!

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