Private Museum Tours

Whether you're searching for ghosts, bringing a group, or looking for an exclusive experience unlike any other, the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum offers private tours that will make your visit unforgettable.

Exclusive Lens Room Tour

One hundred and sixty-five feet above the ground, our original 1874 first order Fresnel lens still looks out over St. Augustine night and day. This gorgeous, handmade marvel of scientific engineering and artistry is nine feet tall, weighs two tons, and is composed of more than 370 handmade glass prisms. 

Because of the historical value and delicate nature of the lighthouse lens, the general public is only able to view it from a window below the lens room, just inside the gallery deck at the top of the lighthouse. 

For a closer look at the lens (and see the best view in all of Northeast Florida), you can make reservations for a private lens room tour. This is the only way to get inside the lens room and see the light that has shined over St. Augustine for more than two hundred years. 

Call us at (904) 829-0745 to reserve this exclusive lighthouse experience!

Private Dark of the Moon Paranormal Tours

How brave are you? Our "all ghosts, no gimmicks" Dark of the Moon paranormal tour will test your courage. This guided tour through the 1876 keepers' house and 1874 lighthouse tower features true tales from the history of our light station while you explore the campus completely enshrouded in darkness. This tour has been featured on Ghost Hunters (TAPS), Fox News, Parade Magazine, the Weather Channel and more.

Groups of all sizes are welcome to experience a private ghost hunt. This is the perfect tour for birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, and other groups looking to conduct their own investigation of our haunted light station.

Whether you're interested in our standard one and a half hour tour or a longer experience (including overnight excursions), please call us at (904) 829-0745 for additional information and reservations.

Group History and Educational Tours

Are you planning to bring a large tour group to visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum? We have a variety of private, guided tours available including our Behind the Scenes and Lost Ships tours. See shipwreck artifacts, learn lighthouse history and discover 450 years of maritime history in St. Augustine.

Click here for details on school tours, field trips and other K-12 education programs.

If you would like to find out more about group tours or make a reservation, call us at (904) 829-0745.

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