Provide the Museum with Historical Information

To continue to build the Museum collections, the Research Curator is interested in talking with you if you have in your possession, or know someone who has:

Photos of the light station, light station residents, Lighthouse Park neighborhood, St. Augustine beach, shoreline and waterways, local maritime activities, marine industry like boat building and fishing, recreational boating and United States Coast Guard in St. Augustine. Time period: up to the light station restoration in the 1980s.

Historic maps or documents pertaining to the above subjects.

Stories about the light station, the neighborhood or local maritime history. We are particularly interested to learn about lightkeepers from descendants, friends and persons who knew the Keepers’ families, persons who resided at the light station after the light was automated in 1955, Lighthouse Park residents before the 1980s restoration and USCG veterans stationed in St. Augustine during WWII.

"Different fellows around town made their own sailboats, boats and sails. None of those sailboats survived. My dad had an about 20 feet government furnished boat with inboard cylinder motor to attend buoys. During those years we had a privately owned rowboat."

- C.D. "Cracker" Daniels, son of Keeper C.D. Daniels (1930-40s)

Please don’t hesitate to share your stories! Often people think their story is not interesting or important. However, so far all stories are fascinating and valuable additions to our Museum’s Oral History Program, The Maritime Memory Project and exhibits.

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