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Maritime history is an important part of our collective heritage and something that belongs to all us. Because of this LAMP is committed to public archaeology, with its focus on increasing public awareness and education about archaeology and preserving the fragile remains of our maritime past, which are increasingly under threat from natural processes, looting and development. Many members of our local communities are the descendants of generations of St. Augustinians who made their mark on the city's history. This includes a dynamic Minorcan community, descendants of the Mediterranean settlers brought to Florida as indentured servants in the 1770s. But millions of visitors also see their roots in St. Augustine, as the oldest city in both Florida and the U.S. Its history is directly relevant to every American and its archaeological sites are national treasures that merit protection, exploration and study.

Shipwrecks and other maritime archaeological sites preserved in the waters of Florida's First Coast can give us insight into history like no textbook can. Part of LAMP's mission is to engage our local and visiting communities and provide them with opportunities to learn more about our maritime history and a chance to work side by side with archaeologists as we investigate and interpret the past. We make a constant effort to share what we have learned through public presentations, educational material and museum exhibits. We have developed and distributed a shipwreck lesson plan in English and Braille. We started the first high school underwater archaeology program in the U.S. in order to introduce young people to marine science. At the college level, we have sponsored numerous internships, and since 2007 have run an annual summer underwater archaeology field school, in partnership with several universities including Plymouth State University and the University of Flinders in South Australia. In addition, we are expanding our volunteer program so that interested members of the public can participate in our laboratory and diving activities.


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