19th Century Steamship

Site plan of the Steamship wreck, documented by LAMP archaeologists. The main features consist of a large boiler, a standing engine, and long shaft and propeller. Also visible is a ballast pile adjacent to the boiler, and a partially exposed anchor at the bow end.

Site 8SJ3310, slightly north of the remains of the Industry, is a mid-19th century wooden hulled screw steamer. Extant remains include the boiler, a single-cylinder inverted engine, a condenser, two bilge pumps, and air pump, the propeller and the propeller shaft. All the machinery is still embedded within the lower hull structure. This well preserved machinery has been modeled at 1"=1', following over 285 hours of bottom time recording the site. This model is currently on display at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum. The steamer's remains are the focus of LAMP's high school level education program and the research topic of a graduate student intern. One of the goals of LAMP's high school program is to nominate the steamship site to Florida's Underwater Preserve System.

Spadefish swimming around the sponge-covered engine on the Steamship wreck.








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