Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP) Headquarters 

LAMP Headquarters is located on the grounds of the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum. This historic light station was established in 1874 as an aid to navigation for ships sailing in Florida waters, and replaced an earlier lighthouse dating to the 18th century which was in danger of collapsing due to the encroaching seas. The LAMP office and laboratory complex is located within a historic building that served as a U.S. Coast Guard barracks during World War II. Today, this building has been divided into a "wet lab" which is used mainly for the conservation treatment of artifacts, and a "dry lab" for archaeological analysis, drafting, and computer work. The building also holds offices for LAMP's four staff archaeologists.

LAMP also maintains an outdoor conservation facility, for the treatment of objects too large for the wet lab, such as cannons, anchors, or ship's timbers. Within the fenced area is a large vat which currently stores wooden planks recovered from a locally-built 19th century working vessel recovered from the Tolomato River near St. Augustine.

The small building adjacent to the outdoor conservation facility, also within the fence, is LAMP's Dive Locker. This building serves as storage for all of our diving gear and archaeological equipment.

LAMP also maintains a Field House several miles outside of town. This can house 12 or more field school students, interns, or visiting researchers. A barn on this property also serves as LAMP's Conservation Annex, providing additional laboratory space for the conservation of large artifacts, such as a 20' dugout canoe currently under treatment.

LAMP Headquarters is located at:

81 Lighthouse Avenue
St. Augustine, Florida 32080 U.S.A.

You may also call us at 904-829-0745, fax us at 904-808-1248, or by email.


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81 Lighthouse Avenue
St. Augustine, Florida 32080